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Embedded Design Using Programmable Gate Arrays
Dennis Silage     silage@temple.edu     astro.temple.edu/~silage

Bookstand Publishing
2008, ISBN 978-1-58909-486-4, 320 pages with downloadable complete Xilinx ISE WebPACK project files.  Text announcement can be download here.

This text is intended as a supplementary text and laboratory manual for undergraduate students in a contemporary course in digital logic and embedded systems. Professionals who have not had an exposure to the fine grained FPGA, the Verilog HDL, an EDA software tool or the new paradigm of the controller and datapath and the FSM will find that this text and the Xilinx Spartan-3E Starter Board provides the necessary experience in this emerging area of electrotechnology.

Embedded Design Using Programmable Gate Arrays describes the analysis and design of modern embedded systems using the field programmable gate array (FPGA).  The FPGA has traditionally provided support for embedded design by implementing customized peripherals and controller and datapath algorithmic state machines.  Although microprocessor-based computer systems have usually been used for the design of larger scale embedded systems, the paradigm of the FPGA now challenges that notion of such a fixed architecture especially with the constraints of real-time.

This new paradigm in embedded system design machine describes the Verilog behavioral synthesis of finite state machine as a controller and datapath architecture in digital signal processing (DSP), digital communications, digital control and data communication utilizing the FPGA, the integration of external interface hard peripherals and the implementation of a custom internal soft core peripherals and soft core processors.

The transition to embedded system design now in the massively parallel and fine grained architecture of the modern FPGA is described in-part by the translation of C/C++ program segments for real-time processing to a controller and datapath architecture or an algorithmic state machine.  However, the emergence of the Xilinx 8-bit PicoBlaze and 32-bit MicroBlaze soft core processors now also challenges the conventional microprocessor with its fixed architecture for embedded system design.

Embedded Design Using Programmable Gate Arrays features the Xilinx Spartan-3E FPGA and the Digilent Basys Board and the Spartan-3E Starter Board, the Xilinx Integrated Synthesis Environment (ISE) WebPACK design environment in Verilog HDL, the Xilinx CORE Generator for LogiCORE Verilog modules and the Xilinx Embedded Development Kit (EDK) for the Xilinx 8-bit PicoBlaze soft core processor. The complete Xilinx ISE WebPACK Verilog source code modules for the projects delineated in the text and executing on the the Spartan-3E Starter Board are provided for download.  A limited number of Xilinx ISE WebPACK projects can execute on the less expensive Diligent Spartan-3E Basys Board (www.digilentinc.com)

An excerpt from the text entitled DSP on the Spartan-3E Starter Board was published on Programmable Logic Design Line (www.pldesignline.com) and available for download here.


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The text announcement can be downloaded here


Download  Complete Xilinx ISE WebPACK Projects to accompany Embedded Design Using Programmable Gate Arrays  for the Spartan-3E Starter Board can be downloaded in ZIP archive format here (~30 MB, s3eEDPGA.zip).  The ZIP archive files are password protected as described in Appendix A of the text.




            Table of Contents


            Chapter One    Verilog Hardware Description Language

                                                    Programmable Logic Devices                              

                                                    Hardware Description Language                         



                                                    Verilog Syntax and Concepts                                

                                                                Number Formats                                         

                                                                Signal Data Types                                       

                                                                Strings and Arrays                                 

                                                                Signal Operations                                       

                                                                Arithmetic Operations                                 

                                                    Structural Models in Verilog                                    



                                                                Nested Modules                                     

                                                                User Defined Primitives                         

                                                    Behavioral Models in Verilog                              

                                                                Continuous Assignment                           

                                                                Single Pass Behavior                                  

                                                                Cyclic Behavior                                            

                                                                Blocking and Non-Blocking Assignments 

                                                                Control Flow                                    

                                                                Functions and Tasks                                   

                                                    Finite State Machines                                            

                                                    Controller-Datapath Architecture                           

                                                    C to Verilog Translation                                          

                                                    Arithmetic Functions                                    

                                                    FPGA and Microprocessor Comparison              




            Chapter Two    Verilog Design Automation


                                                    Xilinx ISE WebPACK                                              

                                                                Project Creation                                           

                                                                Project Implementation                                

                                                                Design Summary                                         

                                                    Xilinx CORE Generator                                          

                                                                LogiCORE Creation                       

                                                                Implementation Comparison                      

                                                    Xilinx Floorplanner                                   

                                                    Xilinx Simulator                                               

                                                    Xilinx Verilog Language Templates                             

                                                    Xilinx Architecture Wizard                                  

                                                    Xilinx LogiCORE Blocks                                     

                                                    Warnings and Errors in Synthesis                  




            Chapter Three    Programmable Gate Array Hardware


                                                    Evaluation Boards                                     

                                                                Basys Board                                     

                                                                Spartan-3E Starter Board                         

                                                    Selection of an Evaluation Board                         

                                                    User Control File                                                    

                                                    Hardware Components and Peripherals            

                                                                Crystal Clock Oscillator                               

                                                                Light Emitting Diodes                                  

                                                                Push Buttons and Slide Switches              

                                                                Rotary Shaft Encoder                                                                

                                                                Seven Segment Display                           

                                                                Liquid Crystal Display                                 

                                                                PS/2 Keyboard Port                       

                                                                PS/2 Mouse Port                                         

                                                                Digital-to-Analog Converter          

                                                                            Spartan-3E Starter Board DAC     

                                                                            Basys Board DAC             

                                                                Analog-to-Digital Converter            

                                                                            Spartan-3E Starter Board

                                                                                    Preamplifier and ADC        

                                                                            Basys Board ADC               

                                                     Auxiliary Ports and Peripherals                  

                                                     Hardware Expansion Port and Connectors         

                                                     Auxiliary Hardware Peripherals                  




            Chapter Four    Digital Signal Processing, Communications and Control


                                                     Sampling and Quantization

                                                     Discrete Time Sequences

                                                      Discrete Frequency Response

                                                     Analog Output

                                                      DSP Embedded System

                                                      IIR Digital Filter

                                                     FIR Digital Filter

                                                      FIR Compiler

                                                                DSP System

                                                                Wavefront DSP System


                                                     Sine-Cosine Look-Up Table

                                                                DTMF Generator

                                                     Direct Digital Synthesis Compiler

                                                                Frequency Generator

                                                                Frequency Shift Keying

                                                                Phase Shift keying

                                                                Quaternary Phase Shift Keying 

                                                     Linear Finite Shift Register

                                                     Data Communication

                                                                RS-232 Standard

                                                                Manchester Encoder-Decoder

                                                     Digital Control

                                                                Pulse Width Modulation

                                                                Servomotor Control




            Chapter Five    Embedded Soft Core Processors


                                                     Programmable Gate Array Processors

                                                     Xilinx PicoBlaze Development Tools

                                                     Xilinx PicoBlaze Processor Architecture

                                                     Xilinx PicoBlaze Reference Projects

                                                                Initial Design

                                                                Programmable Amplifier and Analog-to-Digital Converter

                                                                Digital-to-Analog Converter

                                                                Frequency Generator

                                                                Frequency Counter

                                                                Pulse Width Modulation and Control

                                                     Soft-core Processors and Peripherals






                                                     Project File Download